giants win!

i’d like to mention something right quick.

i don’t have baseball allegiances. yes, i’ve been to a handful of games in my life…and been to 5 or 6 different baseball diamonds, but i don’t have an allegiance. and only caring about the league championship and world series doesn’t really count in my opinion. i’m a fair-weather fan.

but. i would just love to say that i’m so glad the giants won last night. overjoyed actually.

when you are an alumna of the university of missouri, an unfortunate consequence is that many of your classmates are from st. louis…and many (not all, but many) residents of st. louis have a reputation/obsession for being in love with themselves and their city in pretty much every way possible. thus, many a status, tweet, and conversation have revolved around baseball.

but, you know what?! those statuses just a few short months ago also revolved around the cardinals when one of st. louis’ favorite players albert pujols decided to go to another team. and all the internet world heard residents of st. louis and lovers of the cardinals complain, moan, and give up on their team. then, they suddenly came back to life after winning against the nationals. good grief.

i think the people of st. louis had some terrible luck…or maybe karma. they thought they couldn’t do it without pujols and told the world. then turned things around and forgot about pujols, then they only scored one run in three games where it mattered most. i’m not saying pujols would have changed this…i’m just saying the it seems most cardinals fans took him as the savior of their team and are generally fickle. believe in your team guys, regardless of who plays (isn’t that what cubs fans do?!).

i know it is dumb, but somehow justice has been served to the people of st. louis. you know how you have people who just talk and talk and talk about how great something is. it doesn’t matter what it is, but eventually, the listeners get tired of hearing the same thing? this is kinda like that. and honestly, i’m tired of hearing about how great the cardinals are. thankful the deluge of cardinals comments will be in remission until opening day.

thanks for indulging me in this rant. onto cheering for the giants and enjoying the world series!


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