date night

another date night for us…this time, i planned it! matt planned about 95% of our dates before we were married (i think i only planned two–both with another girl for a double date), and he still plans about 75% now, but i wanted to give him a break. the result was success!

when we go on dates, we usually use a coupon or voucher for something, but to save a little money, i thought it would be fun to have a “night in” planned with different foods, and a couple fun things for us to do that we wouldn’t otherwise spend time on. normally, we spend our nights “in” resting and relaxing together, but i wanted this to be special and different. so first, i figured out a theme…and set to planning it all out for us! matt had been hinting rather strongly lately that he really wanted to have some dips. the man loves to dunk food in a dip. keeping that in mind, i made our (not really healthy) dinner three different kinds of dips with a dessert dip as well.

we had buffalo chicken dip, french onion dip, and queso dip. all of these we hadn’t had in at least a month, probably longer for the buffalo chicken and queso dips. served with potato chips, tortilla chips, a plate full of broccoli, red bell pepper, carrots and celery, our dinner was made. for dessert we had caramel dip with apples (he had also been hinting on that one too).

as an activity, or something to do , i wanted matt to teach me how to play poker…he taught me three kinds actually…traditional, texas hold’em, and seven card stud. after a few rounds of teaching me how to play each one, we assigned different values ($1, $2, and $5) to different candies and started our betting. i take a lot of risk, and our poker session didn’t last very long. i will, however, remain very proud of the couple times i faked matt into giving up a lot of “money”…the only sad thing is of course i lost that money later. we also enjoyed the remainder of the thursday night football game…see my theme…”things you do when you have dips in front of you”…poker and football seemed appropriate.

anyways, it was a really fun “staying in” date, it was special to be able to make some foods matt had been craving, and fun to learn how to play the different games of poker. we just have to keep playing so i can get better.

what other “date night in” ideas do you have?


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