weekend recap

our weekend was full. very full! let me give a brief recap though.


brewed the first batch of beer. last weekend matt ordered a starter’s brewing kit, and it came in! after unpacking everything we watched the dvd with how to brew and set to work. about 3 hours later, we were able to put the brewed beer in the bin to ferment and there it will stay for the next couple weeks.

watched deer hunter. more like fast forwarded…can we say this is the slowest movie we’ve watched on the afi list? it isn’t getting good reviews, because we could have chopped about 1.5 hours of it and still get the story.

after the brew, “aerating” the beer.


visited tall ship windy. we had vouchers from travelzoo to go on a boat tour that needed to be used. thankfully, the tickets were even less than we thought and we enjoyed a tour of the city for less than $10 total. the downside, it rained the whole tour. so…that was sad. we packed our rain jackets and umbrella, which was a major advantage. and, the ship had a covered area…with the small group on saturday morning we all fit under it.

at a grahamwich. we’ve been there before, but just for dessert, so this was our time to enjoy real lunch. delicious!

the bridge behind is up for the sailboats!

visited the field museum and buckingham fountain. the field museum isn’t offered as a “free” museum, we decided to go ahead and try it out to fill our day and stay in the city. we also had never been to buckingham fountain. how had that happened? we’d both been to chicago before living here, and have obviously been to the city quite a bit, but always missed the fountain. a stroke of luck helped us get to see the hourly 150 foot column of water. sweet!


church! another great sermon in the “letters to the candidates”. although there are some caveats to the message, it was an enjoyable service.

fox & hound for the cowboys game. overall, very disappointing game. we stayed through the tornado warning, and heavy rains though. so we were dedicated fans. in general, lets say our picks did not go well this week. about half of the games the underdog won…so…you know, it was somewhat annoying.

made some caramel corn. i’m not sure what it is, but i’m in the making caramel corn phase right now. i’ve made it 5 or 6 times in the last four months.

and that’s all we did! whew! so glad to share it, and so glad we got to do much!


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