afi update 3

its time for another afi movie update.

we’ve slightly slowed down on our pace for the movie challenge, but that’s ok. matt somehow has me watching lost (even though i’ve tried it before, i’m giving it another shot. remember stephanie?) and i’m enjoying it. well, besides the constant questioning, confusion, and moments of terror.

back to the update though…

1997 list

89. patton (1970). truth: we haven’t actually watched this yet, but we’ve both seen it before. we will watch it, but we haven’t been wanting to watch it…there is a reason it has been on the shelf for a month.

88. easy rider (1969) 40. didn’t care for this one at all. no storyline and was super slow. i can see why it would be on the list, but not our type of movie…we understand that it was a groundbreaking movie for that time, but it was just awful. When it was over, we both looked at each other like “what the heck was that? Is that it? We just wasted 2 hours on that garbage?”

87. frankenstein (1931) 85. this one was great. the classic frankenstein story…i wasn’t sure how it would go originally, but we both really enjoyed it…beautiful movie, great acting. Although I kept wondering how do all of these “remakes” mess up a perfectly good story. Sometimes more is less.

86. mutiny on the bounty (1935) 85. who doesn’t love clark gable? at first i thought this was the version with marlon brando…but clearly i hadn’t looked at the year. regardless, i can now say i’ve seen both versions of it…this movie made me fall asleep. It was ok for me. Once again it shows that no matter where we are at in time, there has always been bullies. Some are presidents, some are kids and some are pirates.

85. duck soup (1933) 80. honestly, it is a little hard to really remember the story from this one and not get it confused with a night at the opera. this really was a great marx brothers film, perfect sunday afternoon movie...hail to Freedonia. Not sure why this is called duck soup, I don’t remember anything about duck or soup. A great screen name though, how can you beat Rufus T. Firefly. Best thing about Marx movies is that they are short.

84. fargo (1996) 85. what can we say? i had never seen this movie, only heard about it. but i loved it! matt had seen it already, so he knew what it was about, but this was really a great movie. if i could, i would give frances mcdormand an award…wait. she got one for that…one my favorites for many reasons including the brilliant way the accent is handled. Found myself laughing at not funny times because the way they talked. Oh, it was super.

2007 list

89. the sixth sense (1999) 85. we had both seen this one, but i had forgotten most of it. thankfully it wasn’t as scary as i remembered. is it weird that the number of bruce willis movies i’ve seen has gone up exponentially since we’ve been married? probably matt could say the same thing about hepburn movies as well…Bruce Willis > Hepburn and old musicals. Interesting to rewatch although I feel it is a movie that you can’t watch that many times because of the ending. Honestly I am worried about Bruce Willis. If he keeps down this path of recent movies like die hard 4, expendables 1 & 2, and now a die hard 5, he seems to be Secretary of State for the United States of actors that mail it in.

88. bringing up baby (1938) 75. also #97 on the 1997 list, so already reviewed…this taught me that it is ok to have a pet tiger as long as it is housebroken. Just make sure that it is and not some wild tiger or else you will be in trouble.

87. 12 angry men (1957) 93. this movie was a gem. truly. i loved it. the camera shots, the acting, the fact that the whole movie takes place in a small room with 12 men. genius…this movie is legit. Loved it. Great story and acting. Best of all was the photography and directing. The way it was shot with long sequences was brilliant. More bullies but one man can make a difference.

86. platoon (1986) 85. why can’t charlie sheen be a better person? seriously? if he would clean himself up, he would be much more respected i think. anyways, great movie, made me mad at points, but was overall really interesting perspective on the vietnam war…great movie, grittiness of war.

85. a night at the opera (1935) 80. also marx brothers, this one i found more entertaining, with a story that made more sense. even though we gave it and duck soup the same “score” i would say i enjoyed this one a bit better…it was more entertaining. My first Marx brother movie and it was pretty good. Constant witty banter.

84. easy rider (1969) 40. ugh. again. no plot.

we’ve actually got quite a few more we have already watched, although after a trip to the library this weekend, we should be able to fill in the gaps of a few movies that are missing from our list! altogether, that’s 27 movies out of 123, wow, so we’re 20%ish complete! up next, we need to watch deer hunter and giant is ready for us at the library!

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