saturday hike

saturday was a beautiful day in northern illinois! well, actually, it was a touch cold…but that meant fewer people on the trails!

originally, we weren’t really feeling like doing anything. rather, i was feeling tired and wanted to stay in! but, after a trip to the library, and talking about some ideas with what we could do with our day,we both became more energized and matt suggested finding a park and taking a hike.

one really awesome thing about the location where we live is that the park system is awesome, and there are so many forest preserves with walking/hiking/biking trails. we were wanting to find something that would allows us to walk through the forest…it is autumn, and we’ve seen some beautiful trees around here, so we were hoping to be able to get some exercise and some great photos!

matt knew of a really wooded area that he drives by on his way to work, and we knew it was a part of a park, so we set to researching the park and trails. thanks to dupage county forest preserve for their awesome website and parks! woohoo!

after packing up the camera, some water bottles, and a couple snacks, we headed out to the park. we ended up on the 2.7 mile trail and were able to take some fantastic pictures. we’ve already decided on the other trails we want to try the next time we visit! great park, great location, huge plus not to have a parking or entrance fee. overall, great saturday hike!

here are some of our favorite photos from the hike courtesy of matt’s photo skills!

isn’t creation lovely? we can’t wait for our next trip!


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