weekend movies

this weekend was full of politics. wait. stop. don’t leave.

what i mean is…we watched two movies about past presidents. and also, randomly, our church started a sermon series dubbed “letters to the candidates”. for two very non-political people, it was quite a bit to handle. both of these are based on books, so i’m anxious to also read them after being so gripped by them both.

the first movie is on the afi movie list (progress update coming soon) called all the presidents men (1976). it details two newspaper reporters, bob woodward (robert redford) and carl bernstein (dustin hoffman) as they gather information, conduct interviews, and learn details of watergate and information that led up to president nixon’s resignation. it was so interesting…and so good! somehow in my historical upbringing, i missed a lot of details surrounding watergate/nixon, etc. but, this ended up being a really great movie. as always, take everything with a grain of salt, but i really enjoyed the journalistic view and pursuit of information.

the other movie we watched was also directed and produced by robert redford (weird), called the conspirator (2010). it was thrilling. it is set surrounding the assassination of president lincoln, and the “justice” that was served to mary surratt, a boarding house owner which john wilkes booth frequented. the movie showed particularly conspiracy on both sides…conspiracy involving mary surratt to assassinate president lincoln and conspiracy to not provide an objective trial to mary surratt, to make an example of southern sympathizers following the end of the civil war. it follows attorney frederick aiken as he defends mary surratt through her trial, as a verdict is reached, and what seems to be more of an act of revenge for the country. also taken with a grain of salt, the movie seems to portray innocence of surratt, however i’ve read contrary things about the book leading me to an inconclusive explanation and open to interpretation.

both books went on my library ‘to read’ list already! one thing for certain though, regardless of the outcomes, conspiracy and corruption exist. and they do not go away, regardless of who the leader is. leadership and power are not to be taken lightly, along with the seemingly insatiable desire to maintain that power. both movies portrayed that perfectly, and left us with things to think about regarding our leaders, being informed, and not repeating history.

interesting stuff. and, ok, neither of us are fans of politics, talking about them or even thinking about them much, and we certainly couldn’t do this every weekend, but it was still interesting to think about!

any other interesting political movies we should watch?


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  1. Ooh I loved All the President’s Men, especially as a journalism major.

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