thoughts on pinterest

i’ve had some thoughts lately about using pinterest. it is slowly a tool i’m becoming less fascinated with, mainly because of the quality of pins, but, from what i can tell, i use pinterest very different from a lot of people. i’ve talked a lot about using pinterest on the blog. mainly to garner inspiration or as a way to find new recipes or craft ideas.

lets rewind. in case there is anyone who isn’t aware, pinterest is a tool, used more or less to post “pins” of links or pictures to a “board”. a board usually has a title, and thus several boards may be created to categorize the pins. categories could be crafts, food, workouts, design, nail design, kids, etc., really whatever the pinner is interested in. upon joining pinterest, you download a button on your toolbar, and if at any point i’m on a website i want to at some point reference again, i can press the pin button, and it sends the link back to whatever board i’ve listed it under.

in my mind, pinterest is used as a way to gather all the little ideas and inspirations you have in one place to reference later. for example, i have a friend who is considering building a house, she has lots of different pictures pinned for the kitchen and what she envisions for their home. this makes sense to me, so often if i’m looking for ideas, i don’t buy just one better homes and gardens magazine. i’d buy a variety, and this method allows her to reference back to her favorite parts of the pin to eventually create her own kitchen. i think i use pinterest this way. i pin what i think i want to accomplish in terms of crafts, recipes, etc. i don’t pin everything i see. maybe that makes me picky. but, i pin in a way that makes sense (at least to me…and as long as i can make sense of myself, that’s what matters, right?).

another example is of several acquaintances who use pinterest to pin every funny thing or every clothing layout or every craft they ever see on the internet. while entertaining to read, occasionally cute, and sometimes inspiring to my own craftiness, i don’t understand this method. would you go back and reference the “funny” or “lol” board if you’re sad? does pinning every outfit you think is cute help you build your wardrobe? do you actually make every craft you pin? i don’t understand this because you might as well pin the whole internet if you pin 50+ things per day. maybe i am picky and that’s why i don’t get this method.

lastly, is the example of the non-pinner. there are some of these out there as well. these are the people who don’t actually pin at all. rather they just look at what everyone else has pinned and then are done. i’m not really sure what this accomplishes other than looking through what other people have pinned and maybe to find out what the popular ideas are. although, since i know personally someone very well who does this, she tells me that she has done a few of the crafts and recipes she’s seen.

i think it is funny/interesting how people use this tool so differently from each other. i’m sure there are others who are outside of even these three that i’ve mentioned as well (gasp!). but, i guess that makes it interesting. it makes it different, and each individual pinner can really use it the way they want it, for the purpose they want.

how do you use pinterest?


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