pick ’em!

this past weekend was the second weekend for the nfl…but the first for us.

since we were in texas and also had jam-packed days, we didn’t get to watch. actually, we did watch the cowboys on wednesday night before we left. so, i guess that isn’t entirely accurate. but, this weekend…things were different.

saturday was full of college football, and sunday was full of the nfl. also, yes, we did watch a lot of those games both days, mostly because we were both terribly sick and didn’t have energy for much else (sometimes i didn’t even have energy to watch and took naps!).

the other reason we watched is because we are doing a “pick ’em” challenge for college and the nfl between us, hosted by espn. remember when we did the ncaa basketball bracket? i was cheering on people i didn’t even know. this is slightly better than that, and my knowledge about football continues to grow thanks to matt’s knowledge, expertise and sincere love for the sport. matt is a patient man, enduring many rants, protests, and half-hearted cheers for my “pick” of the moment.

our standings right now: college: rachel 70, matt 68. nfl: rachel 13, matt 15. apparently we even each other out. this same thing happened last week, where i was a point ahead in one standing, and he was a point ahead in the other. it is going to be a tight race.

some advice: never feel confident in your picks. yesterday morning i told matt “i feel good about today’s picks”, and that ended terribly with so many upsets.

hoping for better picks this week,

matt & rachel



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  1. Were you a big sports girl before you met Matt?

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