wedding weekend

last week we were so excited about spending the weekend in texas, looking forward to seeing our family, friends, and having some quality time away from home.

we left early thursday morning to make it to austin by 10:30am…we knew that there would be a lot to do, and wanted to be a support to our friends in any way we could, so we headed straight to the church from picking up the rental car. our original plan was to grab lunch and head to shiner to go on the shiner brewery tour, but flexibility was the name of the game, and thankfully we were still able to make it in time! the drive back to austin was long/fun/scenic, and then the guys quickly changed so that they could head out to the bachelor party matt had planned and i took my time getting ready for the bride’s bachelorette party.

its a one stop shop for your bbq and guns

friday we split ways early. matt, being best man, was at the groom’s side helping him out and supporting him in any and every possible way. i went with one of the bride’s friends to pick up flowers, while the guys headed to the church to finish setting up tables, chairs and lights for the reception. we met back out at the church to finish a few more details and then back to the hotel to shower and change for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. both went off without a hitch and then we went to a bar in austin to meet up with other friends before heading back to get some sleep.

saturday was the big day! matt and the groom headed out for more errands and final preparations while i hung back at the hotel. i left early with our two friends who just visited (s & s), while matt and the groom got ready and headed out a little after us. once at the church we finished up final details before the ceremony and reception. we are so thankful everything went smoothly for the couple, they had a relaxing and great day and we were so honored and glad to get to be a part of it.

sunday was our relax day! we ate breakfast with fort worth friends, spent some time walking in downtown austin, ate lunch and spent the afternoon with matt’s parents, then met back up with another friend for dinner. our early flight monday encouraged us to get some rest, and we went to bed feeling encouraged by our fort worth friends and revived from the craziness of the weekend.

with our puppies!

overall, we wish the best, so much joy and blessings on the couple! we hope they are happy together and that the Lord blesses their marriage. congratulations mr. and mrs. s and happy honeymoon!


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