tour chicago

ok, so we never truly did a good job of recounting the visit two of our friends made to chicago a couple weeks ago.

so, i’m going to go back in time a little bit and share all the fun things we did while with them. we took a ton of pictures, so words will be brief, and pictures are abundant!

friday: matt picked up s & s at the airport, we enjoyed some two brothers brewery, and enjoyed some gelato while walking along the riverwalk in downtown naperville.


saturday: took the train into the city, made it early enough not to wait in long lines for the willis (sears) towers, walked to millenium park, walked to navy pier, ate at billy goat, met friends of scott’s in plainfield for dinner and fun night of fellowship.

sunday: headed into the city early for time to take some great photos and to go to the cubs game. delay of game by about 2 hours, and rained during most of our time. at hot dogs at the ball park and al’s italian beef for dinner. took cta and walking home in the rain to make a 8:40pm train back home. enjoyed some wine and tv before heading to bed.


monday: picked up scott for breakfast, ate at blueberry hill pancake house. drove into the city to go to lincoln park zoo. grabbed ice cream at kilwin’s. drove scott and saulo to the airport for their flight home.


phew! are you tired from reading that?! it was such a fun weekend with our friends, and so refreshing to be around people that we are completely comfortable with. this was a huge breath of fresh air for us, and so fun to share the city with them!


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