weekend of stories

i promise i will post about the other new recipes we made last week. but first, a recap from this weekend.

friday: tiredness led us to chipotle and a movie…12 angry men from our afi list, which received the highest rating we’ve given to a movie so far.

gf cupcakes from whole foods! thanks coupon!

saturday: productivity in the morning with errands to the library, whole foods, home goods, home depot, target, and the car wash. i gave matt a haircut, we went to church and used a coupon at smashburger (yes, we just went, but it was a buy one get one deal we couldn’t resist!) and late night ice cream run. then…i dropped an earring in the toilet.

after church and showing off the haircut

the story goes that we were getting ready for bed and i was removing them as a always do. in a fatal move, the last time i cleaned the bathroom i changed the location of a bowl where i usually keep my most frequently worn earrings to above the toilet. it was still in that place.  my lack of paying attention and tiredness meant that one of my earrings fell directly into the toilet bowl. actually, it went into a little crevice, which was the perfect place for us to not get a good handle on it. then i ended up cursing at my clumsiness and matt, fearful that i had dropped my ring in the toilet, came rushing to my side. we tried to get it. we both reached our hands in there, twisted and turned to get a decent grip with nothing to show. after about 30 minutes, several “tools” fashioned from bobby pins and paperclips, the snap of a couple pictures of matt with his hand in the toilet, and finally laughing at this ridiculous situation, we decided that we weren’t going to be able to retrieve it. the good things: it wasn’t my ring that fell in (i probably would have cried if it was) and these were actually very inexpensive earrings.

“tools” with the lone earring

but, let me tell you. this is a picture of love.

true love

sunday: successful making of gluten-free biscuits (and a very happy matt!). matinee to see the bourne legacy, lounging around the house, matt breaking my 3 game winning streak of catan and really wishing football season would hurry up.

i mean, isn’t a story about true love always great. this is what it looked like in our house this weekend and i just thought i’d share about how great my husband is.

recipes coming soon!



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