whaaaaa? we’ve started counting calories around here.

yep. counting calories to reduce cholesterol, get back into shape, and to keep ourselves more accountable with a continuing journey towards more healthy living for us both!

so…we haven’t really changed much in terms of the foods we are eating (i’m still gluten-free and matt is about 75% gluten-free), but we have changed the amount.

one thing my mom has always said when she has made efforts to lose weight is “eat less, do more”. so, we’ve really started to do that. keeping track of our intake and exercise with goals in mind, has made us both feel better, although it has only been about a week since we started. despite both having goals to keep to a certain number of calories per day, to be honest, i don’t think either of us have been too hungry (and thus not grumpy, as we both tend to get when hunger strikes).

and, if you’ve ever counted calories and tracked your exercise before, holy smokes, does it make you more mindful of them both! it makes you think twice about putting something in your mouth, and even encourages us to be more active in order to meet our goals.

we are using the website for this adventure. it is a free calorie counter, exercise, and goal tracker that matt found when he was looking to start this endeavor. it also has features to track nutrition, and a online community. while we haven’t used the community as much, this has been a great tool. for the most part, we’ve been able to just write descriptions of our meals and hey are already in the system for portions, calories, carbs, protein, fat, and other nutrition information.

so, don’t worry. we still love our food and still will be posting some yummy recipes, we are just keeping better track of the intake!

matt & rachel



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  1. I know the calories in most of the food I eat, I just never calculate! (Unless it’s blog-related… obviously). I figure if I see a serving size has 400 calories, I say, eat half, or eat something where I get more bang for the buck. I’ve always had a huge appetite but bad metabolism. Woops.

    • you’re one step ahead of where we were just last week! that is great. counting and logging everything has made us so much more aware and mindful of our choices…and we’re in the same boat–we love to eat, but our bodies don’t always love how much we eat!

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