date night

yes! this weekend matt asked me if i’d go on a date with him. and, for me, the answer to that question is always going to be yes!

honestly it had probably been a month since we had gone “out” for a date, although we did go get sweet treats using a coupon from a couple weeks ago. he pulled out the works for this one though…dinner, movie, dessert!

matt had it all planned out to go to smashburger, a favorite hamburger place that we frequented in fort worth. he found one driving home from work one day and it was a revolution in our hamburger world! then to go see batman. yes, it has been out for three weeks, and yes, we still hadn’t seen it. and then for some frozen custard before heading home.

smashburger was wonderful! such great memories associated with the one in fort worth. and my burger was delightful. we both loaded our burgers up with lots of veggies and sauces for some great flavors.

batman. well. it wasn’t revolutionary, but we both really enjoyed it. we both decided we weren’t fans of anne hathaway’s character, and both had a hard time understanding all of what the bad guy was saying. a bit hard to understand with the mask. i will say also that i was so worried about the ending, the odds seemed so stacked against “the good guys” that i thought it would end in tragedy. apparently i have no hope and am a cynic. matt had faith with the simple words that “it’s batman!” to console me as i shared this with him during the movie.

and then we went to andy’s frozen custard for some dessert. there is also an andy’s in columbia (where i went to college), but i didn’t remember what the taste was like. we were both so surprised and matt labeled his dessert as “divine”.

i can see the potential for other dates using this same combination of smashburger/andy’s. overall, it was a great night, fun to get out of the house and great to spend time with each other eating some favorite things and watching a movie!


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