afi update 2

alright, we’ve got another update on our movie watching extravaganza. same rules as before, we give the movies a score of 1-100 and a little blurb (actually a very little blurb for now).

from last time, we have two new scores to add to the 2007 list.

1997 list

94. goodfellas (1990): 91. i was slightly unprepared to watch this, but i ended up loving it. fantastic movie. One of my all time faves. Forgot how good this movie was. Great story and great acting.

93. the apartment (1960): 82. a huge challenge for me in this movie was that the whole thing was about infidelity…but, i did enjoy the acting, and thought it was probably a rather progressive topic at the time to put into a movie. Really well acted and shot. Pretty interesting topic for that time.

92. a place in the sun (1951): 73. this was totally weird. we were unsuspecting movie watchers, and again, the movie while never actually saying the words, tackled issues like abortion, shot-gun weddings, murder, and prison. Sad story and topics that it touches on. Again, I imagine at the time of its release was completely unchartered territory and one reason why it is on the list.

91. my fair lady (1964): 88. i’ve always loved this movie, and i’m glad matt agreed. Very surprised I liked this. Was very impressed all around.

90. the jazz singer (1927): 80. this was mostly silent, but did have music when the main actor sang (after all, it is about a singer). great movie about religion, tradition, and family values. we both enjoyed this one, although when we put it into the dvd player, we forgot that we would be reading most of the time. I wasn’t prepared for it being silent but overall a good movie and great look at what movies used to be.

2007 list

next on the list

99. toy story (1995): 80. truth: we didn’t get to watch this whole thing…our library-borrowed copy was very scratched. we both enjoyed it though, and found it very funny as always.

96. do the right thing (1989): 75. oh spike lee. i liked this more than i thought i would. I agree with Rachel, I did not think I would like this but was very surprised. I thought it was a very good movie. Tough topics handled.

94. pulp fiction (1994): 80. same as before.

93. the french connection (1971): 70. this movie was decent, but just lacked story and was slow. we had higher hopes since it won so many awards. After seeing various reviews and awards I was expecting so much. It didn’t live up to them. Nice to see gene Hackman play a good guy for once.

92. goodfellas (1990): 91. same as above.

91. sophie’s choice (1982): 76. forgot how long/slow this movie is. we got through it though! Long…slow…except for scenes in concentration camp, this was not a good film for me. So many bad choices.

90. swing time (1936): 73. classic fred astaire and ginger rogers movie. good acting, and nice music. First Fred Astaire and ginger Rogers movie. The dance scenes were so long but actually a wonderful movie and well done all around.

our top scorers so far include ben-hur, but we’ also added goodfellas since watching that recently as well. apparently we are tough critics.

next up we have patton, the sixth sense and easy rider. we’ll most likely work on these over the weekend…we’re still watching lots of olympics around here, although i’m a bit tired of all the talk and would prefer to see more olympic events. after they are finished we’ll get back on the bus with more movie watching!

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