alright, i’ve still got a couple more recipes to post, but i want to give a little update of our michigan journey.

we met paul and nicole at her aunt’s house in sawyer michigan a little before noon. the family was doing some fun (obligatory) photos and nicole was tired of it. haha, so we headed to grab some lunch at a small brewery in the “town”. the food and beer sampler was fairly good–not the best we’ve ever had in the world, but still yummy. the service was terrible however, so that was a little disappointing…we inadvertently spent over 2 hours there due to that. it seemed like they didn’t have enough staff and/or the staff did not communicate with each other. but, we had wonderful conversation, and it was so great to hang out with them.

after changing at the house into some bathing suits, we headed to the beach. apparently, there was also a huge sand dune near the beach as well. had the sand not been so hot, and had we been in different shoes, we might have had to try to climb it. the beach was crazy busy, but after some trekking through the hot sand, we found a quiet little spot on the beach to enjoy the lake. after about 30 minutes of fun and being settled at our “spot” we found out we were actually on a private beach. umm…oops. we figured unless someone asked us to move, we would stay. haha. oh well.

the water was nice though, slightly cold at first, but the sun warmed us up well. matt and i built a sand castle to pay homage to the last time we went to the beach (galveston, july 2011), and then of course promptly ruined it. we ended up being at the beach for just a couple hours though, most of the time spent in the water for matt and i. the sky started clouding over more and more during our time there, and then we overheard someone say a storm was coming so we decided to make our way back to the car. too bad we had the threat of rain, because by that time the sand had cooled enough we could have climbed the dune. i guess we have to go back at some point…or we might just have visit the dunes in indiana!

what pairs  well with the beach? ice cream! and our ice cream loving selves stood in line for about 15 minutes to get some of that sweet and cold yummy goodness. the place we stopped is famous for their waffle cones, but they also had a souvenir shop of sorts. it was a strange little place, but the ice cream was fantastic. matt had chocolate and i had cappuccino. both were delicious.

we headed back to the house to change, nicole and paul had invited us for dinner so we took them up on it and went to the main house to meet up with the rest of nicole’s family. remember that storm that we had been warned about on the beach? it came. and it was a terrible downpour for about an hour. yikes. glad we weren’t driving in that! we talked and chatted with nicole and paul a little more, before deciding we should try to get home. nicole’s family was very gracious to offer dinner, but with the two hour drive back, we didn’t want to get back late and we ended up leaving around 7:45.

overall, our first michigan experience together was a huge success. i was so thankful to see nicole, and to get to visit with her and paul. and so glad matt could meet paul and that we could all spend the day together. i am so thankful too to nicole’s family for sparing her on their last day there to hang out with us. it was such a treat.

enjoy our pictures from the day!


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  1. It was so refreshing to see you again! And I’m glad we got to know Matt a little more. He’s pretty much Mr. Wonderful.

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