ok, who isn’t excited about the olympics?!

i have olympic fever, i admit it. in fact, i had the tv on during the day (gasp!) on friday, something i rarely do (i feel that since matt can’t watch during the day, i don’t need to watch either. plus i can put my mind to better uses), but it is turned to men’s first round soccer.

and, you can bet we watched the opening ceremonies.

last summer olympics i had just moved into my 1st apartment. columbia was still mostly empty for the summer, but i had a few friends who would get together to make dinner and watch the olympics almost every night. great fun. olympics of 1996 i can remember begging and pleading with our babysitter to let me stay up to watch gymnastics (she let me, but then i had to go to bed right after it was over). so, i’ve enjoyed them in all stages of life.

i’m still really excited about gymnastics and swimming. those have always been my two favorites, but looking at the schedule, it seems that nbc sports channel might become my favorite!

look at this!

all the events. all the athletes. and now you know when they are!

another reason to be excited is some of our texas friends are in london on a mission trip during the first week of the olympics. we are so excited for them, praying for their team, and can’t wait to hear how the Lord works in and through them while they are there!

bring it on!


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