34: pad thai

i’m feeling good!

lots of recipes to share with you all coming up!

recipe #34 pad thai.

i saw this recipe on pinterest, and thought “well, we haven’t had thai food in awhile…and we do have those rice noodles…this could be good. different. something new.”

yep. that’s what went through my head. and this pad thai recipe was seriously easy. the blogger i got this from has a lot of great photos, so check her out here if you’re wanting more details.

easy pad thai

8oz rice noodles

2 T. brown sugar

2 T. fresh lime juice

3 T. soy sauce (gf!)

1 squirt sriracha. we didn’t have this, but we did use a garlic chili sauce that is similar

2 t. vegetable oil

3 scallions, white and green part separated and thinly sliced

1 garlic clove, minced

2 large eggs, lightly beaten

1/2 c. fresh cilantro

1/4 c. roasted salted peanuts. we didn’t have/use these.

cook noodles according to package directions.

in a small bowl, whisk together brown sugar, lime juice, soy sauce and sriracha.

in a large skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat. add scallion whites and garlic and cook until fragrant. add eggs and cook until set, scraping the sides and bottom of the skillet. transfer eggs to a plate.

add cooked noodles, the brown sugar mixture and scallion greens to the skillet. cook until noodles are soft and everything is warmed and heated through. add the egg mixture and toss to coat.

serve noodles with lime wedges, cilantro and peanuts.

we loved this recipe. it was perfectly easy, and quick too! i think we made this on a saturday night after coming home from church so we needed food pronto, and it totally delivered. we also sauteed some chicken to go with it, just to add a little more protein. another thing to mention is that i had to mix up a little more sauce than what the recipe suggested…if i hadn’t, i’m not sure if we would have tasted it too much.

we decided this was a great recipe though, and will add it to the rotation of dinners. also, lots of leftovers, always a win!


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