afi movie list update

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here’s a little update on our challenge to conquer the afi top 100 movie list. well, actually, this is the list as we conquer both the 1997 and 2007 lists together/at the same time. total there are 123 movies, and we have watched and rated 12.

based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s really hard to tell why some of these movies made it on the list. it seems that some might have been innovative, provided a new story, or showed a new technique for film-making. others seem like they are on there because they have stood the test of time, or won multiple awards. we’ve been able to mostly tell why a movie might have been selected to be on the list, although that doesn’t necessarily mean we agree with it.

waiting to be watched

we’ve both noted though that we must not have refined movie tastes, as the highest rating we’ve given anything has been a 90. we will move forward though…we even have two new ones from the library that i picked up for us today. here are the movies 100-95 from both lists and our thoughts. our scoring system is on a scale of 1-100. we both give what score we think the movie deserves, but i’ve just averaged our scores to make it easier to put up


100. yankee doodle dandy (1942): 50. i think it was a little rough to start matt off with a musical. Matt: Story by George Cohan about George Cohan and his brilliant life. not sure why this was on the list unless it was because they couldn’t get the songs out of their head. 

99. guess who’s coming to dinner? (1967): 84. i loved this one. really enjoyed this. great movie, great acting, funny moments

98. unforgiven (1992): 77. it was probably also a little rough to start me off with a rough western. very nice western. good acting and good story. gene hackman played a truly evil character.

97. bringing up baby (1938): 75. we had trouble with the story on this one…

96. searchers, the (1956): 80. john wayne, or “the duck” as my grandpa would say. he can’t be beat. i had some issues with the story not being developed fully in my opinion. great job by john wayne. am not completely sure why this is a top 100 movie but good western.

95. pulp fiction (1994): 80. some think this is tarantino’s finest work. one of my all time favorite movies. still quotable. 


100. ben-hur (1959): 90. we really liked this movie and were completely surprised by it. i was completely amazed at how much we liked this. this has been one of the best movies we have seen.

99. toy story (1995): no score yet. we’ve had this on hold at the library for over two weeks!

98. yankee doodle dandy (1942): 50. same as above.

97. blade runner (1982): 75. we didn’t get it, although we appreciated harrison ford in his earlier acting days. harrison ford did not mail it like he has the last 5 years. i understand how transcendent this movie is, but for me, it was just ok. 

96. do the right thing (1989): no score yet. it is on the tv cabinet waiting for us.

95. Last Picture Show, The (1971): 35. ick, we hated this. there was no story. cannot understand why this made the top 100. i didn’t care for the acting, there didn’t seem to be any story at all. just an awful experience.

ok, we’ll keep updating as we watch. it has been really fun to watch so far, and we’re always putting more on hold at the library. it’s a long term challenge, but it is kinda fun, and we both get to watch new and old movies while trying to understand what makes them worthy of the list.

any fun challenges you guys are on?

matt & rachel


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