wow, has it been over a week since we last posted? (answer: yes!)

remember how we’re bad bloggers. need i remind you?

ok, i know its been awhile. getting back into the job search mode has taken up hours of the day, which is to say, with feeling a lot better recently, i’m back to spending 3-5 hours job searching, looking at businesses, filling out applications, and trying to figure out what i might enjoy.

i was extremely blessed in my previous job. i loved it, it was close to where i lived, the people were nice to work with, and i loved it! you spend so many hours of the day at work, i can’t imagine not truly enjoying my work. even all the jobs i had in college and high school, i enjoyed them. so, while that may seem really dumb, thankfully we have been blessed financially at this point that i can take my time, be picky, and try to find something that i really enjoy.

so, the hard thing for me right now is discerning among all of the jobs that are out there: what would i enjoy? how far away is it? full time or part time? big company or small? non-profit or for profit? am i qualified? etc.


so many questions!

all that to say, i am feeling better. i am back on my feet enough to think and be applying more aggressively than even i was back in the beginning of the year. praying that the Lord would show me when/if i’m supposed to go back to work.

expect more posts though, i promise. i will update…i have 2 or 3 more new recipes to share. and we’re also trying out a new recipe tonight for dinner!



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  1. What did you do at your last job?

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