another saturday

i feel like every time we go into the city, i title the post “into the city”. so, i didn’t put that title this time. haha.

we did go into the city though, just so its clear.

saturday was the first full weekend of july, and we spent it at the art institute, navy pier, on the magnificent mile, and with friends. win!

we got free admission to the art institute (so thankful matt found that promotion through bank of america!), and spent about 3 hours perusing the art and seeing some beautiful pieces. every time i go there, i’m amazed at how much monet they have! i think we both enjoyed the modern art the most, but i also love picasso (about a year ago we went to a picasso and braque exhibit at the kimbell in fw–excellent date night!).

we took a wonderful picnic lunch of pasta salad, apples, chips, and a pb&j sandwich for matt. there is a little garden just north of the art institute where we could eat our lunch in some shade. after we had our fill, we met up with l for some ice cream at grahamwhich, a restaurant owned by graham elliot. actually, matt had a frozen greek yogurt with straberry preserves, rhubarb, and white chocolate. i had cinnamon frozen custard with apples, salted caramel and pie crust (that i picked out). yummy treat! we decided we need to go back there to have lunch sometime!

after that we headed to navy pier. last time we were there, it was 20 degrees, so it was a huge (welcome) change. the place was bustling with people, and probably one of the most annoying things is when people are walking in front of you and then suddenly stop. unfortunate. anyways, we got to hang out there for awhile until we decided to go to the hancock building.

the awesome thing is that we were able to take the free trolley along the way…that save our legs quite a bit! sadly, we got to the hancock building and the line was about 100 people long. i guess we can forget that idea! we still had to walk about down to meet our friends for dinner,

so, we snapped a few pictures and turned right back around to walk to meet up with g & l. thankfully we got some rest time in the shade.

then, off to dinner to celebrate l’s birthday! we ate at the butcher and the burger. it was such a fun little place, and we really enjoyed our food.

also, good thing we checked the train schedule! there was a 6, 8, and 10:40 trains. we decided to make the 8:40 train, so no bar hopping for us! plus, since we were so tired from the day, we were both ready to be home and asleep!

overall, fun day, but, so tiring! we did so much walking, eating, and people watching, along with taking in the city.


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