our big God

let me tell you one thing: our God is so big!

we have been dealing with insurance and different doctor’s offices and different billing departments for about 4 months. and it hasn’t been easy. probably the worst thing is getting enough courage to call them and to talk to them. it is so intimidating, because it is a situation where the provider is in such a dominant position (you own them potentially thousands of dollars for goodness sake!). but, we’ve both taken turns, prayed before calls, and turned it over to the hands of our Father.

anyways, we have called and called. and been put through a ton of craziness. mainly, our frustration has been initial denial of claims. the denials have all been because they never processed information for us initially, and then taking a month and a half to get everything updated. through prayer, time, and works of only the Lord, the money we owe has been reduced. the Lord and insurance have come through in such a big way!

all praise be to the Lord! He knows and would have provided if we were having to pay upwards of thousands of dollars, but He has shown Himself so powerful. we are so thankful!

after i got off the phone with a customer service person at our insurance, i began to weep. our God is good, no matter what the outcome, or how much we would have had to pay. but, He has come through in huge ways and given us such hope in the midst of the darkness around us.

He knows our hearts. He knows how desperately we needed good news. He has carried us and will continue to carry us through every trial and every joy.

with thankful hearts,

matt & rachel


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