we love to cook! have we mentioned that? what’s even better? when we can cook together of course!

honestly, i had only made enchiladas once or twice in my life. matt comes from a family that loves to make enchiladas. i was a bit intimidated to make them for him, knowing that he has such expertise and knowledge about them. i informed him of the way i knew how to make them, probably i was staring at his face looking for a reaction for if the plan was good or if we would be eating something terrible for the next couple days.

but, the time came. it made for an extremely frugal meal for us to make them since i had to only pick up two things from the grocery store to make them. i cheated a bit and did use an enchilada sauce, but i spiced the sauce up and added some tomatoes and other yummy spices.

we also made queso! which seems like we haven’t had that in forever (remember the photo series on chips and queso after breaking our fast?)! matt also made a wonderful fresh salsa. i tell you, we were living the high life.

i didn’t need to worry though, matt is always encouraging with whatever we have for dinner. even if it doesn’t taste as good as i think it will, he is for sure supportive. in the end, we both ended up loving the enchiladas (and queso, and salasa, and beans!). the ground beef was seasoned well, the cheesiness was perfect, and the sauce could be tasted throughout every bite. win!

here are a couple photos. and yes, we are indulging in leftovers tonight!




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