we had a wonderful opportunity to go to st. louis and columbia this past weekend.

it was fantastic!

matt came in from paris at 2pm and from o’hare we headed south! thankfully we were able to eat some dinner with my brother and his wife at trailhead restaurant in st. charles. it was great to be able to see them and catch up. our evening ended early since we were so tired! but, we headed back to our hotel and had a wonderful sleep.

saturday we got up (not so early), and made it to the arch by 11am. yeah…so the wait to actually go up into the arch was until 2pm. umm…no thanks. so, wetouching the mississippi snapped a few pictures, went down to the river, enjoyed the park, and then found a place to eat. in preparation for our trip, i looked up a couple “best of” st. louis restaurant lists, and it turned out that a bbq place we wanted to try was just about a mile and a half from the arch. win. bogart’s smokehouse, you have matt’s heart (and stomach). seriously though, i don’t even eat ribs, and thought they were great! i had brisket sandwich, matt had a half slab of ribs and brisket. wonderful meal.

then we went to anheuser busch. no, we wouldn’t normally go being the elitest and craft brewery lovers that we are. but, its st. louis, its ab, you have to go check it out. so, we went on the tour, it was actually really informative. my only complaint would be that there were about 75 people on the tour. way to many. but, at least they are adequately prepared with microphones for the tour guides at every stop. we sampled stella, which isn’t normally one of my favorite beers, but it tasted unfortunately awful. at the end of the day though, it was a free tour with samples. plus, it was cool to go there…i think the last time i had visited was on a family trip maybe in 1994.

after making our way back to our hotel to change clothes and freshen up, we made our trek to columbia. thankfully we were able to get there and see so many old friends, and matt got to meet a bunch of people. it was so fun to watch our friends get married, and then to celebrate at a wonderful reception. we had a great time, and unfortunately it was a short party so we could make it back to st. louis for the night!

we decided to try to make it to the arch at 8am (when it opens) on sunday. that way we could still say we got to go up in it. again, back to 1994 when i last went, and matt hadn’t ever been. so, we made it there by 8:15 and go to take the 8:35 train up to the top. it is a true 4 minute ride up and 3 minute ride down. but, it was beautiful at the top, and we enjoyed being able to go up in there (even if it meant waking up early and having to wear church clothes the whole day). by the way, our picture from “we’re back” post was in a model of the trolley’s used to take us up the arch.

after the arch, we headed out to grab some breakfast and went to church with my brother and his wife. first of all, the place we went for breakfast, total diner. it was fabulous. both matt and i decided that we both would have turned down our noses to a place like this in the past, but we loved it! i had a “scramble” of mushrooms, ham, green bell pepper, cheese and potatoes with two eggs on top. matt had eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and pancakes. we were SO full.

church was great, wonderful opportunity to hang out with z & j, and then we headed to schlafly for lunch. matt and i tried to squeeze in another tour, but the one we were trying to go for didn’t have enough tickets for us to all go together. bummer. but, we did get to eat in the restaurant. and we will go back for that tour! from there, we departed home.

overall, it was a great trip! wonderful chance to hang out with z & j, who we love, great opportunity to do some uniquely st. louis things, wonderful to be reunited after a week away from matt, great fun seeing old friends, watching a marriage, and reconnecting. here are a couple more pictures from our trip!


matt & rachel

looking down!



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