movie review: the way

has anyone seen this movie?

when i went to the library to pick it up the other day, the librarian went on and on about how great it is/was.

well, she was right. and i’m here to tell you that you should totally see it.

we originally wanted to see it because it featured the camino de santiago, which is a pilgrimage trail primarily across spain. last june, matt was a part of a mission team from our church that went to spain to minister to pilgrims on this journey. he said it was incredible (and had pictures to prove it). but, we wanted to see what the movie might be like.

the movie follows an older gentleman (martin sheen). the man has just heard of his son’s (emilio estevez) death, and how he died on the camino. through the process of making the pilgrimage, the older man meets several other pilgrims that teach him, inspire him, and also annoy him. but, he is on the camino for his son and ultimately for his own personal healing.

it was so great! the story was wonderful, and really did a fantastic job of telling the story of the older man, but also of the other pilgrims he comes into contact with. though they are all of different nationalities, and some understanding had to come into play for their relationships, it showed the tremendous value in community regardless of what you’re struggling with. also,  every 20 minutes some new beautiful piece of scenery would come up and immediately i would turn to matt to say “we have to do this”.

at some point in our lives, we have the desire to go on the camino. most people take it as a path for religious reasons, some to do it to grieve, heal, or even become healthy.

maybe we’ll do this in a year. maybe we’ll do this once (Lord willing) our children are out of the house. either way, we cannot be more excited to make this dream come true for us both!

for now, we’ll settle for borrowing it from the library, but i encourage you to check this one out!


matt & rachel

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