many thanks

one thing to note: we are probably the worst bloggers. this comes to my mind because so often i’m surprised that we have as many followers as we do, and i’m always surprised that we get the occasional ‘like(s)’ to a post.

i say this because:

1. we don’t stick to a single subject–which, if you’ve read any “how-to” on ways to make your blog better or driving traffic to your site (both of which were never a huge priority) , the most important thing is to focus on one subject. we don’t do that. we focus and post on what we’re thinking about. and honestly, that could (and has shown to be) any number of things.

2. we aren’t always consistent–i think the longest we’ve gone without a post is like 10 days or something. slowly we’ve been getting better, but its one of those things where i think neither of us feels absolute pressure to post every day. with our free time, we generally write when we feel like it. also, remember the day when i had writer (blogger)’s block? sometimes that just happens i guess. (side note: you might not hear too much from us this weekend, we’re missouri-bound for a wedding!)

3. we aren’t that interesting–our blog originally started so that we might chronicle our journey in illinois and share such things with our friends and family back in texas. it is kind of nice to not have to repeat every story or anecdote that we run into multiple times. sometimes we can just send them to the blog! don’t get me wrong, we love talking on the phone, but the blog format is so convenient for those people that we don’t talk to on a consistent basis.

sometimes this blogging thing blows my mind. but, i guess if i think about it more, there are many bloggers i subscribe to that i actually really am curious about what they have to say. they don’t always stick to a subject, and some tend to be random, but i guess i do find them interesting.

so, i guess, thank you is in order. thanks for treading through our picture-less posts. thanks for reading and sharing in our ups and downs. thanks for thinking we are interesting enough to keep reading. thanks for sticking with us even though we don’t always post just recipes or just home improvement projects, or update you continuously on all the various challenges we embark on. thanks for reading, we’re glad you find  something amusing on our little corner of the internet.

matt & rachel



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