film rite(s) of passage

yes friends, i have finally seen the godfather. only one of the biggest movies and best movies of all time. i mean, it seems almost like a film rite of passage or something.

how had i never seen it?

i honestly don’t know. in fact, i’m fairly certain i’ve started it a couple times, only to get bored or fall asleep. but, i finally watched past about 15 minutes in and can now say i have watched it in its entirety

this marks another challenge that we have started. we recently had dinner with another couple in the city (l & g) and the afi top 100 movie list came up in our conversation. now, i’ve seen a lot of movies (although i don’t usually remember them), but we all thought this could be an awesome new challenge to embark upon.

how does this fit in with the godfather? it is number 3 on that list.

its exciting though…matt and i (along with the other couple) have decided to watch all of these movies–maybe it will be our new date night idea. we decided to start at the bottom and work our way to the top, so, hopefully next week we’ll start with no. 100 yankee doodle dandy (i’m sure matt and g are going to love those musicals!). my guess is that there will be many more rite of passage films that we have yet to see. let the adventure begin!

we have no real rules for time or completion, but as much as we enjoy movies, i just know this is going to be such a fun challenge. also, special thanks to our respective libraries for making so many of these movies available to us!


also, woohoo on finally being able to say i’ve seen the godfather. when we get to it on the list, i’m sure i’ll be ready to re-watch!


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  1. Yankee doodle dandy? It’s only saving grace is seeing Jimmy Cagney dance, (The most famous film gangster ever, even if you include Marlon Brando), he’s great. Not in my top one hundred.

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