well, i think if you’ve been reading for awhile, you’ve seen some ups and downs that matt and i have (only through the strength of the Lord) persevered through during our time so far in illinois. in fact, we’re almost at the six month mark, which, honestly baffles me. already?! yep. back to the point though, if you’ve been reading, you’ve read about trials we’ve been facing with my health.

one thing i wanted to share though, is that, praise the Lord, we finally know what the heck is going on.

after scans, tests, trials, waiting, multiple doctors, and the like, we finally know what my body is doing. we haven’t really shared it though.  honestly, in some ways, i am still coming to grips with it.

but, i felt like in some small way, it should be shared. after all, if you’ve been with us for this long, then you should know.

i’ve been diagnosed with hashimoto’s disease. an auto-immune disease wherein my immune system attacks my thyroid. the reason i’m coming to grips, is that this one is lifelong. like, i’m only 25, and could end up taking medicine to correct this for 60 years. so, that’s kind of wild. this is more of a “manage” disease, and most likely comes from some unfortunate sequence of genetics.

thankfully, it could be something much worse. honestly, it could be more life-threatening than it is. thankfully, i have access to medicines to help me manage. i also have a God who holds me in His hand, a wonderful husband and our caring families that have been supporting us so much.

i’m his biggest fan!


we’re still learning about it.

still trying to figure out what this means for our life.

still on an unknown road to figure out what makes my symptoms subside.

you know what this always reminds me of?! any time i’m doing research on the disease, looking up diet suggestions to curb symptoms, scouring the internet for recipes, or even when i take my medicine, i am reminded that “this is not how it is supposed to be”.

this disease, or even thinking about it creates an ache in my heart for heaven. this world isn’t my home. and one day, i will be in heaven, free from pain, suffering, and all the sin of this world. free to worship my Lord and praise His name. that’s what i crave. that’s what i pray for. that is my hope.

it has been such a journey. filled with a lot of tears, more pain than i’ve been in in my entire life and stress from the unknown, to where we are now. learning and coping with this disease, yet seeking the Lord and His plans for our life. honestly, i have no idea why we’ve been handed this, but it is for a purpose and to that we give the glory to the Lord.



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  1. We love you Rachel and will always help you anyway we can. You are such a blessing to us. We are so sorry for all the pain and suffering you have.

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