this week

no, we haven’t been neglecting the blog. i promise.

i was writing so much, and started to write more the other day, but had “writer’s block”. can that be a thing for a blog?

anyways, i am going solo this week. not by choice, i assure you.

matt is away. in europe. for work. i’m happy for matt, but also sad for me.

but, along with other responsibilities of making sure bills are paid on time, the house is decently clean, and preparing for our upcoming trip to st. louis next weekend, i’ve been left in charge of the blog!

matt has a couple recipes he asked me to write about for him, so you can expect those, along with a recipe from last week that i made. i’m sad to say we don’t have an photographic evidence of these, but they were all delicious. i’m going to recreate one of them this week and will capture some images then. i’ve got a few other ideas that will sprout into blog posts, i’m sure, so be sure to watch out for them.

but, for now, i leave you with some words i’ve been meditating on the past few days. i’m anticipating these words will be something i continue to dwell on while matt is away, especially.

glory in His holy name;

let the heart of those who seek the

     Lord be glad.

seek the Lord and His strength;

remember His wonders which He has


psalm 105: 3-5


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