weather joke

want to hear one of the funniest things?!

the other day, matt and i were listening to the radio, and the announcer was presenting a forecast that proposed “relief” from the “three-day-wave” of over 90 degree weather. this was literally news regarding such an impressive stretch of heat!


we just looked at each other and smiled.


matt, who hails from san antonio,  and me, having lived in texas for a couple years, could only shake our heads at this. i feel like we had a ridiculous stretch of 90-something days over 100 degrees. try that on for size, illinois!

in all seriousness though, the weather here has been absolutely gorgeous. it does and will get warm, but for sure not to the extent of our beloved state. we have enjoyed the beautiful weather so far, taking walks, spending time at the park, or simply driving without the air conditioning (something that isn’t always realistic in texas). i’m excited for the summer though, with the chance for cooler weather and enjoying more time outside, i hope we’ll take full advantage of it.

i’m leaving you with a couple pictures matt took the other day, he always finds such beautiful moments in nature and is able to capture them. here is some of the beauty of creation that we get to enjoy!


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