recipe 27: tomato basil salmon

we’re working on being more healthy with our food choices…we don’t always do the best (ex: i just blogged about making cookies), but we are trying.

the other day, again looking for something different to do with a salmon, i found a fairly simple idea on pinterest for tomato basil salmon. ok, i thought. i don’t think i would have thought to put tomato on the salmon, but lets give it a shot.

it was awesome.

to start, i placed the fish on a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil. this helped to keep the juices from going everywhere while cooking (we used the grill pan), and also kept the the grill pan nice and clean. i crushed two cloves of garlic, put that into a small bowl and added some salt. i added a little olive oil to this and then placed the mixture directly on the fish. then i placed thinly sliced tomatoes and a couple pieces of basil on top of that. once everything was assembled and the grill pan was hot, i put the foil on the grill pan.

now, the recipe called for fish that had the skin on it, but that wasn’t an option. so, in order to make sure the fish cooked, i did flip the fish a couple times. i only used a big spatula in order to make this happen with minimal mess. in about 10 minutes, our fish was perfectly cooked. in addition, the original recipe called for a half a fish, which is what i bought, but we decided to only prepare half of the fish in this way (the other half we froze and will use maybe for fish tacos!).

with just a squeeze of lemon, a touch of pepper, and accompanied with salad and a baked potato, our “healthy” meal filled us right up. yes, this was an easy recipe, but after the craziness of this week, we needed something simple and quick. hope you get to try this yumminess!

still in the midst of new recipe week!

matt & rachel


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