(container) garden

ok, enough about sports. i’m done with that for a bit.

look at how much our garden has grown recently! just a few weeks ago, we had little buds, and now….everything seems to be doing so well.

our basil and rosemary are thriving.

the thyme, cilantro, oregano, however, we are slightly worried about and…i’m honestly not sure how to help them at this point. i’ve read what to do, but we might have failed the little guys in a couple ways. hopefully with a little more time they can come back!

one of our broccoli plans decided it was not going to grow. it started, but then quit. hopefully that explains why the plant isn’t centered.

our jalepeno plants are looking so good! i can’t wait to see how they come out as well!

and the garlic is just shooting up! for our trial plant, it is doing the best!

the flowers are taking their sweet time, but it will be worth it (i hope!).

so glad our garden has been growing, what a relief. you know, you invest this time and money and pray that it all works. it is such a sweet feeling of success and life when you’re able to see all that hard work pay off. and soon we’ll be able to eat all that hard work too!

still growing,

matt & rachel

sad cilantro

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