adventures in the city

more adventures into the city!

a couple weekends ago, we went into the city to use a travelzoo voucher we had bought. when we bought it, we thought we might hang out with some friends who live in the city and make a day out of it, visiting a few places that we still wanted to check out.

well, we got to the city earlier than expected and were able to enjoy frontera! matt loves rick bayless, and it was a really great treat to be able to go. thankfully, even though it was a busy saturday, we had hardly any wait to be seated.

angles in the cultural center

we also enjoyed the chicago cultural center. there was an interesting exhibit there called morbid curiosity, that was really interesting. the art and different media that were on display all focused or showed death in some way. obviously it wasn’t the most uplifting exhibit we had ever been to, but it was really cool to check out. also, we were able to explore the building, which was really interesting. beautiful architecture and two awesome domes. we met up with our friends at the cultural center and found out that we couldn’t use our voucher! so sad! so, we decided on another chicago restaurant we wanted to try, made reservations, and hung out a little more.

we also visited millenium park as well. we were looking for something close to the cultural center and that would allow for some excellent people-watching. millenium park delivered! everyone seemed to be visiting the park, and it was so fun to take it all in. 

after awhile, we made our way to c-house, a restaurant owned by marcus samuelsson. have you picked up on how we really like this guy? he’s’ great. and our meals were absolutely fantastic. i had ravioli (yep, cheated on the gluten free and it was so worth it) with ricotta and hazelnuts with a salad of shaved asparagus. matt had a grilled flat iron steak with escarole and braised dates. we shared in a side of mac & cheese and enjoyed several house-made ice creams for dessert. we also got to enjoy a glass of wine at the bar c-view before our reservations. it was beautiful, and such a fun experience. even though we missed out on being able to use our voucher this time, it was such a treat to splurge, plus, we’ll use our voucher in just a couple weeks!

flank steak

after our day in the city, we were tired! we figured we walked close to 6 miles, and although we did a ton of walking, we so enjoyed our time eating great food, spending time with friends, and getting to experience more of the city!


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