future mr. and mrs. s!

just a couple weeks ago, we found out that two of our friends in texas were going to be throwing an engagement party for one of matt’s best friends. a beautiful spark happened in both of our brains at the same time! what if we surprised them at the party? how awesome would that be?!

we quickly looked up flights, made our travel plans, told our families, and informed the hosts of the party of our idea. they were all completely on board and helped us keep this secret!

as time got closer, we told other friends that we would be in town and were so excited for the chance to catch up at the party–what a great way to surprise our friends and also see some of our great fort worth people.

well, this past weekend our texas vacation/surprise was executed beautifully! we left early friday morning (like 4am early), to catch a flight to dfw. we spent the morning hanging out with my brothers and a little with my dad. we took my youngest brother to taco cabana for lunch and then played outside. we were able to meet up with matt’s parents and puppies at a park and had such a great time catching up with them. dinner was with my mom and brother and the evening we were able to hang out with two of our other really great friends.

saturday we slept in, ate lunch with my brother and his girlfriend, visited rahr with matt’s parents, sister and her family, grabbed a little snack and got to rest some before the big reveal. thankfully we were able to surprise our friend and his fiance at his house! it was perfectly special. we planned to pick them up at their house before heading to the party, but they thought it would have been someone else. we knocked on the door a little before the party started and hid to the side of the door. once it opened we jumped out to surprise them both! praise the Lord! it worked! they were both astounded and so excited, and it was a sweet moment for all of us! the party was wonderful, such a great celebration of them as a couple and the work the Lord is doing in their lives. it was great time to catch up with friends and share in life. after the party we were able to visit more with our friends, spending some time together and their house, overall it was such a sweet day.


sunday was church, where we got to see a few more people that we hadn’t seen, including our mentor couple and the pastor who married us. we ate lunch with our couple friend again, soaking up moments with them before we would see them again for the wedding. the rest of the afternoon was spent with my family before we headed back to dfw and life in illinois.

our trip was so quick, but so refreshing. seeing both of our families, friends, and being able to carry out the surprise was so special for us both. plus, we got to go to some of our favorite dfw restaurants and places while also trying a couple new ones. so glad to be able to make the trip, and so glad we can finally share it!

feeling refreshed,

matt & rachel


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