its over (for the spurs)

i’m sure you might have watched (or at least heard) about last  night’s game.

the thunder won the series against the spurs, and it was a terribly sad evening for us.

i will say that ultimately, the thunder proved to be a better team, but the same thoughts i had posted on earlier remain true: the spurs made stupid shots, desperately trying to make 3s (the 4th quarter, anyone?), ridiculous fouls were called that seemed to ensure success of the thunder, and the announcers with their “expert” opinions made sure everyone knew who they wanted to win.

one foul i’d love to point out is the spurs’ stephen jackson’s “taunt” to the thunder bench. i don’t know what he said, i don’t even think he said anything. my understanding was it was a technical foul called on a “look”? are you kidding? the official didn’t like the way he “looked” at the bench? the official probably didn’t like the “look” i had for him in that moment either. there were several other fouls that in general, were stupid, and after checking twitter, we both felt validated that we weren’t the only ones who noticed…both bill simmons and jason whitlock had something to say about it.

if it weren’t for the series of fouls that were obvious no-calls (even to me!) against the spurs, and the scrambling at the end to try to put more points up i really think they could have won. which, lets face it, going to a game 7 is always more entertaining.

let me go back to the sadness though that filled our home. one of matt’s favorite players EVER is tim duncan. and he feels like the era of tim duncan is coming to a close. and i think he is right, he may for a couple more seasons, but the era of duncan, parker, and ginobili feels close to over.

here’s hoping the era still reigns,

matt & rachel


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