thoughts on the nba finals

its time for another post about sports. it has been too long.

so, we’ve been watching a lot of nba basketball lately. like, more than i’ve ever watched in my life. matt loves basketball and the spurs, which is part of the reason we watch so much. the other reason is that we can’t stand the heat, therefore, we sometimes end up watching heat games in hopes that they will lose and/or the announcers will admit that maybe their precious “star players” might not be so great.

anyways, we were loving to watch the spurs, they made sweeps against the jazz and clippers, but this round against the thunder has become frustrating for several reasons. as fans of the team (and i’m sure even more so for matt who has watched for years), we can’t believe some of the stupid mistakes/decisions that spurs players are making out there. even i know that you can’t just throw the ball at the basket and hope it goes in. the reason these guys play for the nba is that there is some talent and skill associated with making baskets and playing defense. also, according to matt, i have a better free throw percentage than a couple players–that’s saying a lot because he has watched me play before and that isn’t a pretty sight.

another reason we aren’t enjoying this series so much is the attitude of most thunder players. prior to this series, if the nba finals were to end up being the heat and thunder (secretly i hope the celtics win), we would have loved for the thunder to win. they are a good team, they play well, and they have for sure played better than the spurs. however, watching their attitudes change about their performances over their last couple series has made me not like them. there is something to be said for humility in all sports (which i know i’ve mentioned this before). several thunder players in particular come to mind, and don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying you shouldn’t rejoice about making great plays, but smug looks, excessive flopping, and shout outs to announcers to watch or talk them specifically really annoy me. it could be a repeat of the superbowl…remember that? we didn’t want either team to win…and that’s how it is going to be if the heat and thunder play.

the last reason this series has been really annoying is the announcers. if you listen to the content, most often the only comments made about the spurs are negative, whether that be about spurs players/plays/fouls called, while majority of the content focuses on specific highlights of plays and players from the thunder. this isn’t me even exaggerating like i sometimes do…i have tested this theory. my understanding is that announcers should be impartial, and the outright biases and preferences honestly disgust me. i could totally just watch the game without it. i know the nba would love to see golden boys from the thunder and heat in the finals, but it seems like discretion is not a  part of this when it comes to announcers and officials to handle that request.

what do you even try to learn from this though? well, i have learned a lot about the nba, who loves money and big markets. i’ve learned a lot about what actually constitutes a foul. i’ve seen wonderful plays and crappy plays, and my knowledge of the spurs roster has increased dramatically. sometimes rooting for the underdog (spurs, because of the small market thing) comes with heartbreak, but i guess maybe that is matt and i’s lot in [sports] life, loving the underdogs…but, i guess ultimately, that makes winning that much sweeter.

loving the underdogs,

matt & rachel

side note: i honestly can’t believe or understand why so many people love the heat. seriously, it blows my mind.


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