its gluten-free!

experimenting with gluten-free baking comes with a lot of challenges…i.e. some times it works, sometimes it fails, sometimes its just “eh”. we recently started making different baked goods using all-purpose gluten free flour in order to curtail some of the health issues i’ve been facing. from what i can tell, i have some sensitivity to gluten, so that means our cooking has changed some. 

back to the story though…our first attempt at gluten-free baking was a peach cobbler. we had recently hung out with friends and L was planning on making some peach cobbler for the  holiday weekend. this especially sounded yummy to matt. so, he found a wonderful recipe to use, and, so that we could both eat it, we made it with gluten-free flour. win!

this recipe was perfectly yummy, it lasted for three desserts and while it didn’t compare to one of our favorite bbq places in texas, it was a wonderful treat.

the original recipe is from allrecipes, check it out! also, i’ve hopefully made the steps easier to understand, i had to read through the original recipe a couple times with all the  bowls and different mixtures that are needed to complete the recipe.

8 fresh peaches, peeled and sliced into wedges

1/4 C. white sugar

1/4 C. brown sugar

1/4 t. ground cinnamon

1/8 t. ground nutmeg

1 t. lemon juice

2 t. cornstarch

preheat oven to 425 degrees F. in a large bowl combine above ingredients, coating the peaches well. spoon into the bottom of a two quart baking dish and put into the preheated oven for 10 minutes to bake.

1 C. all purpose flour (or gf substitute!)

1/4 C. white sugar

1/4 C. brown sugar

1 t. baking powder

1/2 t. salt

6 T. unsalted butter, chilled and cut into small pieces

1/4 C. boiling water

combine the flour, sugars, baking powder and salt. using a pastry blender, or your fingertips, blend in the butter until the mixture resembles a coarse meal. add the boiling water and stir until just combined.

3 T. white sugar

1 t. ground cinnamon

combine sugar and cinnamon together and set aside.

by the time the peaches are finished cooking, both of the topping mixes should be prepared. remove the dish from the oven and spoon the flour mixture onto the top of the peaches, being sure to cover entirely. sprinkle on the cinnamon/sugar mixture over top the “cobbler”. put back into the oven for 30 minutes.

yum! this ended up being so yummy, and the best part is that we got to enjoy making this together and eating it together! apologies for no finished product pictures…it went too fast!

becoming gf bakers,

matt & rachel


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