growing garden

not only do we craft and cook more, we garden now.

who would have thought that this would be our life? yes friends, remember the post about starting to grow the herbs? well, we’ve had wonderful success with our little babies, so we’re going to go a step further.

adventuring to home depot can be somewhat dangerous. much like going to home goods or crate & barrel outlet, we go to any of these places and get inspired to do little things to spruce up our home, and to work on things that make our home “ours”. so, we were both feeling a bit creative/in the mood for a diy project on saturday and we headed to one of our favorite places.

we walked in and became suddenly inspired to try to grow more herbs and plants for ourselves. we browsed the seeds, and strategized with what to do with our seedlings, while making room for the new plants. we ended up purchasing four planters…two larger pots and two that are long and narrow as well was some seeds and extra dirt.

we’ll hopefully be harvesting broccoli, jalepeno, garlic, oregano, cilantro, thyme, basil, and rosemary. one of the smaller pots also has flowers in it…i couldn’t resist having some beautiful flowers, and i can’t wait for them to bloom!

so exciting! we didn’t find rosemary in seed packets, so we bought this little planter. we also have they thyme and basil that we’ve been growing in our smaller green pots that we moved to the longer planter. we bought another long planter we are saving for when our oregano and cilantro have grown up some. here are our little plants!

exploring new hobbies,

matt & rachel


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