no 20: thank you ranting chef! Prosciutto wrapped Chicken

so, the other day i made more pizza dough from peter reinhart. it has got to be one of the easiest recipes from him, and i’ve pretty much got the system down for how to make it all go smoothly. well, as matt and i shopped for toppings, he wanted to try it with prosciutto. it was wonderful! he’s got such a great mind and is always wanting to try something new…i’m thankful for this, because i get stuck in cooking ruts easily!

well, we had leftover prosciutto, and as if a little push from heaven, a couple days after we had our prosciutto pizza, i received an email from the ranting chef for a wonderful chicken-wrapped prosciutto recipe.

perfect! here’s his recipe and the 20th recipe for my challenge!

we made a couple modifications to it, using what we had on hand, and this is what we came up with:

-we used chicken tenders because that was what we had in the freezer. i think had we used the thigh meat, as the recipe suggests, we would have had more juice to work with for the cream sauce

-we didn’t use mushrooms, but we did throw in some chopped onion

-we added some zing to a couple of them: added italian seasoning, cream cheese, and goat cheese, just to play with the flavors

-the sauce has the potential to be a little salty, so watch how much salt you add…taste and modify it to your family’s likes

our favorite ended up being the cream cheese, it added a wonderful creaminess to the chicken that just really complimented the cream sauce. we will for sure do this recipe again, especially for those leftover prosciutto slices! sadly we didn’t take any finished pictures, suffice it to say, it went fast!

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