new addition

another big thing that has happened in our little life is the addition of a mandolin!

yes, we’ve been wanting one for awhile, in fact, matt hinted at it as a potential birthday gift, but there were other things that i wanted to get for him. plus, i had already bought round cake pans for him, and i didn’t want to give him multiple kitchen items…i didn’t feel good about the message that sent…

anyways, we still had have gift card money from a shower and our wedding! we have been so blessed with generous friends and family, that we haven’t used it all up yet! so, on an outing to target, we decided we would try to find a mandolin. and find one we did!

after we got it home and figured out how it worked (fancy multiple blades and such), matt has become such a professional mandolin user! we’ve used it multiple times since we bought it and i think it will get a lot of love in this home! we won’t be giving up on improving the knife skills, but i think we both agree that we’re glad not to have to chop up potatoes when we have fries, and it’ll be nice for future perfect slices of veggies to steam!

yay for our new addition!

matt & rachel


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  1. I was totally thinking of the instrument mandolin, and I was like, “That doesn’t look like a mandolin at all!” and “They’re buying a musical instrument at Target??” The potatoes helped clear that up.

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