getting crafty: skirt

remember when matt gave me a sewing machine for my birthday?

that was such an exciting day, and i can finally say i’ve made a piece of clothing for myself. win!

when i first received my machine, i was browsing pinterest for some neat ideas for a skirt. i wasn’t sure how long it would take me to feel good about trying to make something for myself, but i thought, “maybe someday”. i had bought a couple different fabrics thinking i would use them to  make the “maybe someday” skirts out of them, and finally felt like i had enough experience/know-how using my machine that i could tackle something i would actually wear. the fabric i’m using is just a simple cotton, navy with white polka dots. unfortunately, thanks to pinterest and the success i had with this project, my mind is thinking a lot more about how to make pieces of clothing, what’s the next thing i could try to make, etc., i’ve already got plans for a dress to make with this same fabric since i have so much left over!

this blog was so helpful! with the step-by-step, and pictures of what everything should look like, it was perfect for a beginner. if you’re somewhat new to sewing, give this a try!  here are a couple pictures of my finished product. i can’t wait until it is warm enough for me to actually wear this out! also, major win that this pattern has pockets! so cute!

still a sewing novice,




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  1. Nice work, very cute

  2. I love this! I may have to try it out as well. :)

  3. Great work, Rachel! It looks fantastic. I’m so glad that the tutorial was such a help for you, AND that you’ve been inspired to try more clothing for yourself. You can totally do it.

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