we know, we know

yes, we know its still april. yes, we know we still have a challenge on our hands. and trust me, we’re working on it…but…

life has taken some unexpected turns recently. my body is fighting a lot these days and i don’t always have energy to write. we’re unsure of what is happening, however we can look back and reflect on all that we have learned during our lent season and before to know that God is still sovereign over our lives. we’re in a season of life we didn’t see coming, and that has posed new challenges and joys to our everyday life.

we rejoice over healthy days and feeling strong, and we pray desperately every day for the Lord’s healing hand. we asked that our faith might grow, that we might have opportunity to put things into practice that we had learned and share with others.

probably most entertaining of all is that just one day before i started having health issues, matt commented that “it feels like something is about to happen”. we had no idea…we were at the park, reading our book together and having a little snack. little did we know the next day would change so much for us.

the truth of the matter is, it doesn’t really matter what is wrong, what is happening in my body. God knows, and He is taking care of us, watching over us, and providing for us perfectly. He knows we struggle with waiting on Him, He knows there are physically and emotionally challenging days. yet, He is still good, still sovereign, still had a perfect plan and will for us. and although we didn’t expect such a season to enter our lives, He has blessed us beyond what we could imagine. we are thankful, and we rest in the hope, plan, and peace that can come only from our Heavenly Father.

we’ll get caught up, don’t worry!

matt & rachel


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