April 20

rachel: today was a day of ups and downs. i wasn’t feeling well for part of the day, but closer to the time when matt got home i was able to accomplish quite a few things! i had been wanting to clean a little, and also wanted to finally finish the sewing of another pillow to go with the one i previously made. also, last weekend, we went to the fabric store to pick out some fabric to make a couple trivets. i was able to start on my trivet project and it shouldn’t take too much time to complete both of them. plus, my sewing machine is getting an excellent workout these days! here is a photo of both the trivets and pillow in progress. praise the Lord that i had strength and energy to work on these projects, i love to create and am so thankful i was able to!

matt: theme for today is thanksgiving. today, i am very thankful to be alive and still have a car. on two seperate occassions i almost got in very serious car accidents. one that would have been extremely bad. i give complete praise to God for His protection. i was almost certain that i was going to be hit in one but miraculously that did not happen. i am thankful that i got to come home to my loving wife for at least one more day and still have a complete car in tact. Praise be to God. this picture represents where i would have been “t-boned” had it not been for God’s grace.

us: taking a break from making some fried chicken!


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