april 17th

rachel: not a whole lot happened this day. it was kind of a day of lessons and reminders from the Lord and snippets of what He is teaching us during this time, which is all great to reflect on and think about, but for sure hard to capture in a photo. hopefully this does it though…i have taken a picture of my journal and Bible; two tools that i love and (try to) use daily. my Bible is opened to psalm 69, which i just finished today, and was reminded of 2 cor 12:9 while reading it…that is what is copied into my journal. great day of lessons.

matt: the picture for me and my day is that of an apple. well, it is more of what summed up a day of feeling bad. while i could barely think and had all sorts of other things going on, God proclaimed his greatness and faithfulness to me through works of His creation. somehow i ended up staring at a strawberry for a bit and just being in awe of how God would make something like that. The apple does represent more than food for me on this particular day, it also represents what Apple (the technology company) did on the stock market. a day after dropping 25 points and down 60 points over 5 days, it regained what it lost, at least what it had lost on monday. it was quite a blessing to see it go up, sadly in the days proceeding it has gone back down.

us: matt just got home from work and we decided to snap a picture!


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