hopefully a green thumb

matt and i had recently been tossing around the idea of trying to plant some herbs just to have on hand. we tried a couple different times when we had visited meijer to purchase our needed items, but we were over-zealous and too early…but really, if you’re going to have seeds out to inspire us, also make sure that the soil is available.

anyways, besides helping my mom plant, water, and maintain flowers growing up, i don’t really know what i’m doing. i’ve read and studied up on what i need to do, i understand photosynthesis, etc., and i like to think that i have a green thumb, but only time will tell.

a very half-hearted smile for the herbs

saturday we were at world market (which we probably go there way too often), but we always stop by the clearance section and we found a little kit to grow thyme and basil. it was 50% off, but we weren’t sold. we decided to leave it on the shelf only returning to purchase it if we also ended up finding something else to buy. well, of course we found something else to buy, its world market, and its us (side note: our other purchase was the white wine we had with our foccacia pizza).

while our foccacia pizza was cooking we decided to give it a try! the soil came in a large pellet, and needed to be rehydrated, so first we mixed that up with water so that it looked like actual soil. after portioning the soil out, we actually had a lot more than would fill our two provided containers, but thankfully we had another pot that we could use. we filled our little green canisters and the pot with soil, put the seeds in, covered it and packed it lightly with a little more soil and added a little more water on top.

for now, the little seeds are working their magic with the water and (hopefully) growing. the instructions said we would see growth in 7-14 days, so we’ll keep you updated on the progress!

enjoy our first attempt at growing some herbs, pray that it works!

matt & rachel


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