taylor traditions

i’m not a fancy wife, making pancakes and eggs, bacon, muffins, and the like for matt to take to work every morning. we usually have yogurt and granola bars handy, or we’ll have toast or bagels, or sometimes i’ll have made muffins and we’ll have some for a few days of our week. we both usually eat something like what i’ve mentioned above for breakfast, so our weekends have become days for glorified breakfasts and taylor tradition.

saturdays usually matt takes the chef hat and we have potatoes, eggs, and bacon or sausage. sometimes we have breakfast tacos, sometimes we have scrambled eggs, but whatever it is, it is usually a savory breakfast. yum!

sundays i usually crave pancakes or french toast, or i try to make muffins that might carry over into the week. i love the combination of cinnamon french toast with the peanut butter melted ever so slightly on the piece of toast with a drizzle of syrup. win!

one thing is for sure though…we have to plan ahead on our breakfast foods…there has only been one breakfast weekend that we didn’t have any of our normal ingredients on hand, and it felt awful! who wants to have cereal or bagels or something like that when we have that every other day?! on saturdays and sundays we have time to make and consume something wonderful, so we darn well are going to do just that!

making our own traditions,

matt & rachel


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