Focaccia Pizza

this past weekend i (matt) have been thinking about my time in italy and how much i miss it. i miss the little cafe’s and excellent cappuccinos. i miss the fresh made pasta and amazing pizzas. i

upcycling day old focaccia

miss being able to sit on the steps of a beautiful 16th century Duomo and eat a sandwich made on focaccia bread. So what do you get when you send matt to the store to pick up a few items, well he comes home with a whole bunch of other things and possibly the item(s) he originally went there for. As i searched the aisles looking for orange juice, i came across the bakery’s “made too much and need to sale” cart aka day old bread. the cart was full of garlic bread and ciabatta bread, some muffins and donuts. but then i saw something that reminded me of italy, focaccia bread. it was a nice size loaf and on sale for half price. i started thinking of all the things we could do with it and since we had nothing planned for lunch or dinner, this became a wonderful opportunity.

the focaccia bread itself was nothing like the focaccia in italy but what a wonderful reminder and oh how it did the trick. we decided to use some of it for pizza and our own style of bread sticks. so after going to the store to get a few more items for the week and the pizza, we were able to make our own margherita focaccia pizza. i know it may sound weird to use focaccia for pizza instead of for sandwiches but it is absolutely wonderful and i remember seeing them all over italy, so it sounded like a good and tasty idea. plus, rachel was craving it and completely supportive.

delightful wine and pizza

we cut the bread in half and poured on some pizza sauce (we cheated and bought it this time), added some 4-cheese italian blend, threw in some italian seasonings, some chopped onions and finished with beautiful fresh basil. We threw it in the oven for 10 or so minutes at 350 degrees. but, if we had any pepperoni or bacon or italian sausage, this would have thrown it over the top to a whole new level of delightfulness.

The focaccia was fantastic and this was one of the best pizzas we have made. while it may have been day old bread, we were both extremely happy with this upcycle of bread. this was also a really easy meal to make and satisfied our pizza cravings. plus, as an added bonus, it was really satisfying and filled us up quick.

We also took a little of the focaccia and made some bread sticks out of it. throw a little olive oil, some garlic and a little parmesan and you have a super tasty piece of bread.

so if you are around some focaccia and want to try something different for pizza and sandwiches, give it a whirl, i hope you won’t be disappointed.


yes, we drank white wine with red sauce and that is a no-no, but this wine won the california wine competition and has a score of 98 from wine spectator so we were really wanting to try it. best of all, it is around $10 at your local world market. i am not a fan of white wines, but this truly is one of the best white wines and wines i have had. it is a touch sweet but packed with so much flavor. if you are looking for a great sauvignon blanc to go with chicken or a white sauce, check it out.


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