april 16

rachel: today i was feeling really good and wanting to work on a project that i had been needing to finish. awhile back, matt and i were able to find some cloth at crate & barrel outlet and i had made a pillow case using the cloth. i had it almost finished, but wanted to add a button to complete it and so that i could put the pillow in and it would stay fastened. i had yet to try to use my sewing machine to make a button hole and to sew the button on. thankfully, with some patience and time, i was able to at least make the button hole. i ran out of time to sew my button onto the pillow, but that will be tomorrow’s project! here is my accomplishment for the day!

matt: this is a picture of the beautiful day that we had in our area. it was a beautiful sunny day with the wind blowing and really refreshing me. The rays of sunshine coming through reminding me of the beauty of light and light reaching a dark place. as i walked from the car to the apartment, after a long day of work, to see the greens and feel the wind of a beautiful spring day was absolutely amazing. God reminded me what is important and have a proper view of who is in control and my need for the cross. as God reminded me of what was important today, this time outside refreshed me.

us: enjoying some cake and wine!


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