april 15

rachel: today i have a picture of my mom and i! the 15th was her birthday and we celebrated it in illinois with watching a couple movies, taking a nap, some homemade chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting, and pizza and wine. she would be proud and probably approve of all of these activities. but honestly, it was a day to pray specifically for her, the challenges and joys she faces, and to praise the Lord for her life. (the picture is from matt and i’s wedding, but it is probably one of my favorites of the two of us).

matt: My picture today is of all my shopping trips to Meijer the past few days. For all of those in Texas and not sure what Meijer is, it is essentially a walmart. It seems that over these past few days, my second home has been Meijer. Rachel still has the record for going there 4 days in a row, but i am not too far behind her. I am almost getting to that point where i know where some of the food is. i have no idea about anything else in the store but ask me about tomato sauce and i can help you (aisle 8 by the way, in the middle). if you ask me about shampoo or journals, i couldn’t tell you. i never thought i would be going to this place so much when we first moved up here.

us: on the porch!


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