matt and david francis. also, they have the same birthday!

we watched my (rachel) brother get married a few weekends ago to a lovely girl. it was a great time hanging out in columbia and taking matt to see where a great deal of my adult life has been spent (so far).

we drove in to columbia on a friday night, and quickly decided that we needed some “out of the car” time, so we headed down to one of my favorite restaurants in columbia, addisons for a little snack.

saturday was full of hanging out with my family and exploring the mizzou campus. matt was such a trooper, walking around campus with me and taking it all in. he took some excellent photos and was very gracious to humor my tour guide skills (although i didn’t walk backwards).

with beetle bailey

we had a great time at flat branch with my parents, and got to taste my all-time favorite beer in the world/of life and matt got to journal about his opinions since we sampled quite a few.

the wedding was held on campus, and the reception was about 0.5 miles away at a small restaurant that is open only during breakfast and lunch. we arrived early to finish setting up, changed our clothes and watched the ceremony unfold. it was lovely, short, and sweet. they did a wonderful job and it is so exciting to see my brother so happy.

south quad and the tiger!

thankfully we got to meet up with friends, seeing alex and steph (also to soon be married!), and michelle (one of our bridesmaids and one of my favorite people). it was great to be back in columbia.

one word about columbia though: i’m so glad i’m not living there. graduate school was a tough year because i was honestly tired of the scenery. it is a beautiful town, don’t get me wrong, but i needed a change. i also don’t miss the college life, in fact, we found ourselves annoyed at it and although it was hard to avoid, we both are glad that phase of life is over for us. i’m so glad we got to share some time there together, it was sweet, and fun to show so much to matt a big part of my life.

north quad

we had a wonderful time overall though, it was such a blessing to be able to go and visit and see family and watch zach and jessica get married. congrats you two! we love you!

matt & rachel


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