april 14

rachel: today i have pictured matt and i. saturdays are usually really fun days because matt and i get to hang out…and i really like to hang out with him! here is a wedding picture, since we’ll already post another picture from today. i love and appreciate this man so much, he is a wonderful example and a godly husband. i am a very blessed girl!

matt: here are some of the spoils from our shopping trip. one of the things i love most about my wife is that she is a bargain shopper like me. i think it may be the thrill of the hunt to find a good deal. there is such a sense of satisfaction when you find a great deal on an item. here are a couple of shirts that we normally couldn’t afford but with some smart shopping and careful digging around, we scored some great deals. if it wasn’t for her willingness to dig around a shirt rack, we would have walked away empty-handed. i really appreciate that she loves a good deal. (quick note, one of the best deals we have scored is a wonderful chef grade Cuisinart saute pan from Homegoods. It has been one of the best pans we have cooked with. and it came with a cover!)

us: we did a little shopping today, and in a little plaza area near the shopping, we found tulips (they love tulips around here!).


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